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0w0 Oh ho. I see Jojo refrence I rate 5 see. Great game me very likie 

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Such a funny little game! So many references that I didn't get but I got some haha.

Great job!

Unfortunately, it looks like I can't watch your video, but nevertheless, thank you for the kind words, Viixun! 

Yeah sorry, I will reupload due to the video cutting out towards the end, I had to edit the video again, sorry about that!


cute game, i'm glad you included my horse prince

I think some clarification is required. Either there is no accounting for taste, or my assumption that 5* is the highest rating was wrong. Or you have to do something very, very, very unexpected and specific to get anything other than okay ending where the master tells that everyone hates your ratings (or a bad ending where random fans poison you via mail).

Hi! If you're trying to find all 4 endings, they are: The Best Ending (where Master tells you you're mediocre; rate everything 5*), The Okay Ending (Master says something along the lines of your ratings were unsatisfactory), Shrik Ending (By opening the slimey, green envelope), and Worst Ending (Car crash; rate everything 1*). 


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it had a fun idea to it and was quite funny and a great time to play! I made a let's play of your game here~

Oh my goodness, thank you so much for the video! I really enjoyed watching your playthrough! I loved your commentary throughout!

I'm very glad you enjoyed it :D 

Thanks for the lovely complements.


It is a simple gameplay and purely comedic! But then... is it an achievement or painfully freaking inappropiate proud for knowing all the reference of the husbandos? :'D

*psst, it has 5 endings actually, psst*

How do you get the fifth ending?

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Okay.... before I give major spoiler, which one of these endings do you consider as the fifth and want to achieve? (because it seems Choco had already known the basic walkthrough)

Best Ending - Bad Ending - Worst Ending - Shrik Ending - Okay Ending


That was really fun, the parody is hilarious. Got all four endings, too.