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Hi, I saw a youtube video for your game and really wanted to play lol, but it seems I need a little help (;o~o) 

So the issue I'm having is opening the file when it is a tar.bz2 file. I did look into the link you shared with narimin ( but it didn't make sense to me (;TTwTT)

(JSYK: I cannot code for the life of me and I had like 8 tabs open for "how to's" and "what is" searches because my brain isn't as brilliant as yours {I mean, look at you! You made a SIM and it looks great!} and I also was trying to do this on a (Acer) Chromebook because I know deep down that someone else has tried it before and it worked somehow because people create awesome things like (out of context/ not related) VPNs and work around their setbacks in the end. I do have a really old ASUS Core i3 3rd gen windows laptop, but would prefer not to use it because I share it with my family. I don't know what version windows it is updated to because I use my Chromebook all the time. (;^-^) and I also don't know anything about my CB because I didn't buy it. Sorry, I know that's not enough info for you.)

If you don't mind helping that'd be great, but it's okay if you don't or can't. I know that a lot of people already tried to download your game using Chromebooks but couldn't because that's just how it is with them, but I really wanted to try still (; v ;) Thx! and keep doing your thing! Plus Ultra~

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the art styles are amazing. the plot is amazing. the music is amazing. EVERYTHING IS AMAZING IM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME


For everyone who is trying to play this game on windows 10, I have an easy way.  First, I have PeaZip which helps me play games on itch. You will need this or any other app that you have that can extract files. Then, after you download the game, put it in it's own file. Use the app or whatever you have to extract the zip. In the zip is a file that was everything. Inside that file, there is the application. Open this and you have the game. Have fun with this cute game~

How can you play this apple, if you can play it on apple

so depressed because I've tried everything to try and get the app to install..... doesn't work.... I really wanted to play it and depending on how good the game was I was going to support the creator so they could make more..... but I have downloaded the file but according to my windows laptop and tablet there is no way to run the app.... 


same here, i'm mega upset

works fine in mine. You have to extract the zip file

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can anyone help i have downloaded this 4 times and i can't get into the game i have a windows ten SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

This is really cool! I enjoyed this a lot, the art was nice and the whole concept was nice. I'm not a big KiriBaku shipper, but being a BNHA fan I still loved this! Please make more of these games~


Love it only sad thing is i cant play it on my chromebook so i have to use a different computer for it.

Hey new here and i was wondering if there was a my hero academia dating sim novel thank you for making this. I hope we get one with all characters from the anime in this format.


How can I play this on chromebook?

Don't think you can. I have a chromebook as well as a windows running computer so I had to use that one. This seems to be the case for a lot of games

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Excellent work!!! I'm hoping to create some visual novels of my own and this really inspired me!


OMG OMG OMG I can't believe that a ship I loved so much has a game featuring their love story, Thank you so much for making this <3 I definitely enjoyed playing this game cuz it reminded me so much of the fanfics I read. Amazing art and music, love the interaction of all characters, and the puzzle part is fun too! Keep up the awesome work!

So I didn't expect much out of this game at first, but hOLY HECK I really liked it! The escape room was so cool and the art was amazing! If I'm being honest, this kind of inspired me to start on something I'd been writing for a while. I'm currently working on a bnha visual novel of my own and I was wondering if you had any tips, recommendations on what programs to use, ect? Thank you!

Hey if you dislike coding (like me, I have no coding ability lol) you could give CloudNovel a try! It's a coding free engine and so far it's been pretty easy to use for me.

this was REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making this


hey! I'm a little bit confused, it's not letting me open the game sadly. I use a windows 10.

I extracted the files and such but every time I click on the application a message pops up saying  like "could not execute blah blah blah kiribaku-1-3-2 win kiribaku. exe. is it missing?" which I'm pretty sure it isn't. could you help me out here? ;; I really do wanna try the game out! it seems so cool,,

That's odd, I use Windows 10 too, did you download the wrong one? If you did, then click on the one that has the win thing on it. But if that doesn't work, then try re-downloading.

same here


I tried to open the .exe file with the windows version on my chromebook but it won't let me play it? Is there any other way for me to try to play this AMAZING looking game??

When I found this I was screeching. I loved it and I’m definitely playing again to get all the endings and achievements. Also, where can I find the music? It was amazing


ooo kiribaku~~~ sounds g00d. Can you also make one with deku and todoroki😂

Would fulfill a fantasy that doesn't belong to me again.

love the game so far! looking forward to playing more of this beautiful game! <3 

There seems to be an issue with opening up the game from my Windows it has an error screen everytime I try

Hi! Can you let me know what your error message says? 


Oh man I had to create an account just to say how much I love this game! It was so much fun to get all the endings and trying to get all achievements. The art is stunning and the plot is really nice... I love it!

I love KiriBaku and BakuShima but I can't get the good ending is there a guide somewhere?


Well, in the path it says "OneDrive" its possible that your OneDrive does support or doesn't run .exe files. Save it on your computers hard drive and try again (Also, Make sure the file is extracted from the zip folder)

Heeeelp! It`s not working for me.

I really love this game! I've always been a shipper of this, and I'm amazed to see it projected so professionally into a visual novel! I just had one question. I've only been able to get two endings. May you please help?

I was unable to download the game for some reason? Can you help?

Hello! What device are you trying to download the game on?

my laptop. It's a window one. It keeps saying I'm missing something.

Can you tell me what the error message says?

nevermind I think I got it working now. My laptop has been acting weird for a while. Thank you for offering to help. I'll let you know if anything happens. Thank you!


Pretty cute, and you definitely got Bakubro's character right. My friend and I really enjoyed!

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I never was one to ship these two together. Well it's official...I'm now a part of the KiriBaku fan club ^_^


I loved this so much!!!

i have played this game so many times, got 3 different endings, and 8 acheivment but i cant find the remaining ending or the perfect score achivements. Help?

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Hola! Primero quiero aclarar que no hablo inglés (Lo siento: c) Sin embargo quiero felicitarlos por su gran esfuerzo en este juego, realmente es hermoso y más cuando es mi OTP, no mentiré, es un poco agotador lo harás por la traducción al español (Ya que no soy lo bastante fluida en Inglés) Pero todo sea por el KiriBaku: 3 Y me preguntaba si a largo plazo habrá una versión en Español ya que en latinoamérica nos emociona bastante ❤

Hello! Hopefully you're able to read my response here. Thank you so much for playing the game. :) Unfortunately, there are no plans to translate it into different languages.


I could translate it, since it's short. Tell me if you are interested in a Spanish translation, please, and we'll discuss it privately (on discord, for example).

aaaaaahhhhhhh i'll frikin wait for my cousin to be in my house!!!!!!!!!

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I downloaded this on my Linux OS laptop, but I have no idea how to play it because it's a linux.tar.bz2 file :/


You will need to uncompress the file first! Here's a link to better help you do that:

thank you!

I god bad ending and I cried T...T

Hi, im having a bit of trouble downloading the game. I downloaded all the files and extracted all of them but for some reason I am still not able to play the game. I was wondering if you might be able to help?

Hello! Some quick questions to help me pinpoint the problem: 1) What operating system are you using? 2) Are you having trouble running the game or downloading the game? 

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Maybe I'm just terrible at otome-type games, but I've gotten the same bad ending (failing the quiz, park confession??) multiple times and I don't know how to get the good one! 

Me too! I don't know what to do

This is actually a bug. I’m investigating the cause at the moment, a new update should be out shortly! Sorry for the inconvenience!


This is the best thing to ever happen to me, I got the good ending! I don't have the heart to give them a bad ending though aaaaaa XD

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