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this was so cute!


Thank you for such a fun, quirky game! The art was adorable and the story was super enjoyable! I hope to see you make more content in the future, I'd love to play some more of your projects! :D

Oh gosh! What a surprise and what a lovely video! Thank you so much for recording and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game! :)


Made a video 

That was lovely watching you play! I laughed when you put in "i am dog", that really made my day.

We are happy you enjoyed the video and my brother really loved the game.


Hello! I really enjoyed your game, it was adorable and had a cool little story with a great and touching ending (even though I didn't quite get it till after ;) This was a wonderful first game and I look forward to seeing what you make in the future! Until then I made a let's play of your game here~

Thank you so much! It was so entertaining watching you play and I'm glad that you figured out the ending!

You're more than welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed my video :D

That was really neat. Great visuals and an engaging plot, nice job!


Thank you so much! :)

This was a ton of fun. I love the dark undertones throughout the game, even with the cutesy nature of everything else. And that true ending was just perfect! Thanks for the great game!

Love the voices you did, especially the Shadow! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it; watching you play was so enjoyable and I'm glad to see that you managed to get the true ending!

I loved this game! I still can't tell if the ending is sad or happy but the story was awesome and so were the characters! And that plot twist! 


Oh my gosh, thank you so much for recording! I loved watching you play...and watching you die a little on the inside at every pun. ;D

I loved all the puns and he humor in general! Awesome game!

It's such a cute short journey of Ghostie >w<

It's legible of what his/her real identity is, yet the revelation is melancholy :')

Thank you so much! <3

This is cool. Reminds me of the itch io game, Chook and Sosig.

Haha, thanks! Tooki's a close friend of mine and also a great inspiration to me!

Our team would like to translate your game into Russian. Please contact me:

Oh wow, thank you so much. I sent you an email.